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The Magicians Season 1 DVD Boxset Freeshipping

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The Magicians Season 1 DVD Special Features

Actors: Arjun Gupta, Jason Ralph, Hale Appleman
Format: Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Number of discs: 3
Rated: NR Not Rated
Studio: Universal
DVD Release Date: 2016

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The Magicians Season 1 DVD Boxset Freeshipping

The Magicians Season 1 DVD Overview

In his dreams, Quentin meets Jane Chatwin from the "Fillory and Further" novels,The Magicians Season 1 who warns him about the Beast and leaves him with a sigil burned into his hand. Recognising the sigil, Alice asks for his help with a spell. They try to contact her dead brother Charlie together with Penny and Kady. However, they accidentally summon the Beast instead, who appears in the school the next day, attacking a teacher and the dean. Meanwhile,The Magicians Season 1 DVD the life of his childhood friend Julia is derailed when she is denied entry, and she searches for magic elsewhere.Quentin and Julia are invited to a test of their magical skills. Quentin passes and is accepted to Brakebills University.Quentin Coldwater enrolls at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy to be trained as a magician, where he discovers that the magical world from his favorite childhood books is real and poses a danger to humanity.Julia fails the test and is sent back to her normal life, but she manages to resist having her memory wiped. Refusing to accept that she cannot learn magic, she is later contacted by Pete, who offers to teach her.

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